Can dating ultrasound be wrong widowed father dating

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After the second lot of bloods and scans I have found out my pregnancy sadly wasn't successful.

Please do yourself a favour and go get more answers! All the best :) Yes, friends of ours were told their baby had Down's syndrome. They went through quite a bit being advised to abort and all.

My bump today looks the same as my 5.5-6 month bump did with my son!

Second, I feel soooo much fluttering, which I believe would be really early for the stage I am now, but I know the difference in fluttering and other internal rumblings and these are FLUTTERS.

I swear I feel at least a week further along than my dating scan claims I am.

For one thing, I know that you can show much sooner in you second pregnancy, and this is the case with me however, this is ridiculous.

So I'm impatiently waiting for my Dr visit next Tuesday when I should be 7 weeks and be able to see placenta. Some women have what they call a missed miscarriage where's the baby stops growing but their body doesn't actually expel the baby so they have to have it removed.

My husband was a 10 lb baby, so they were expecting my little boy to measure on the big side as well on his 18 weeks scan, and sure enough he did. they can get it wrong my first scan the sonographer said I was being put back from 13 weeks to 11 weeks. From my LMP I was due 11th March First scan at what I thought was 6 3 was put back to 6 1 13th March Second scan 8 5 was put forward to 9 1 ie march 7th Third scan 11 4 was put forward again to 6th March Final dating scan at 12 2 Put forward to 12 5 and now due March 3rd.It's only a guestimate so I wouldn't worry too much.Only thing is I don't think they will change your dates again even if you do measure differently at 20 weeks because babies aren't measured in the same way at that stage and after 13/14 weeks they grow at very different rates to each other.I posted a few days ago about having an ultrasound done at 9wk 1d and the baby not having a heartbeat. I have seen multiple wrong ultra sounds in my years! They told me that she had a birth defect and she did not. 6 weeks ago I went for an ultrasound because of bleeding and the results came back that the embryo was 7 weeks and had no heart beat and I was told I would miscarry. I kept telling my doctor that but they said the tech couldn't have been so wrong.I was just curious if the ultrasound could have been wrong? I've had some cramps, but I also have endometriosis so I don't know if it's cramps from my endo or if it's my body working up to a miscarriage. My sister was told she had a tiny cyst but when they did surgery it was huge!!!! I have heard multiple stories of people being told their baby had no heartbeat or that their baby had a birth defect - and it was wrong. The size difference would be poppy seed vs raspberry. One week later I started bleeding again and went to the ER thinking I was miscarrying. People can make mistakes, iv heard about it happening so many times. With my first baby they lost the heartbeat and I went home and got on the internet and found that people had been wrong so many times so I demanded another ultrasound. Well my heart just broke all over again and it was very traumatic to have to see my basically dead baby again. I've just gone through this myself so can talk from experience.

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