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Messages are exchanged between callers using the voice personals mailbox system, and between callers on the live Connector.They can be used for introductions or to get to know someone else better. You can also leave them for callers on the Connector or in callers' voice personals mailbox.Customer service will only ask you to quote your numbers if you have called us with a problem or question.Remember that your membership number and pass code is what keeps track of your balance, so you never want to give this information out to anyone.Unlike a Voice Personals Mailbox, your Connector greeting only plays to women when you are live on Lavender Line. Just call 1-800-688-6880 to get your local calling number, and when you dial into the system our voice prompts will lead you through setting up your free trial membership.

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Remember to speak clearly and directly into the phone.

We have members in all age groups and from all walks of life, from across the United States and Canada. Free trial memberships are a special introductory offer to first-time users only, but when you sign up for a regular membership we'll be happy to sell you your first package for half-price.

This allows you to continue using the same account and voice personals mailbox you set up for your free trial.

Your membership number gives you access to Lavender Line, and your pass code is like your bank PIN number.

To protect yourself and your mailbox from fraudulent use, call our friendly, 24-hour Customer Service at 1-800-607-0526 if you lose your numbers.

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