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In 1999, Gower completely rewrote Devious MUD, albeit with no improvements to the graphics or several other aspects of the game.This version was released as a public beta for approximately one week before it was again withdrawn.On 2 August, 2006, Rune Scape Classic was closed to new accounts and restricted to paying members who had played Classic at least once in the prior six months.In particular, the amount of memory required to run Rune Scape was significantly reduced, allowing the game to be expanded and improved without increasing the loading time for most players.On 10 December 2007, Jagex, faced with widespread real world trading rule violations, decided to remove several key areas of the game, especially player killing in an area called, "the wild".Many serious players believed that the game needed to keep several of these areas at least in part; the update prompted a record number of users in the rants forum, and it is estimated that over 60,000 membership subscriptions were cancelled.

On 2 February, 2006, Jagex banned more than 5000 Classic accounts due to cheating.

The deal also allowed Wild Tangent to distribute Rune Scape through the Wild Tangent Games Network, a distribution channel, reaching over 20 million PCs.

Wild Tangent has stressed that this agreement will not change the way Rune Scape is presented and that they plan to make the presence of the advertisements, vital to Rune Scape, as non-invasive as possible.

The servers are divided into free servers, accessible to all players, and member servers, accessible only by those players who choose to pay a monthly fee for additional content.

Unlike many other MMORPGs, Rune Scape characters are not bound to a particular server, but rather can switch freely among the servers each time they access the game. In addition to the Rune Scape servers, there are two members-only servers for Rune Scape Classic, both located in the United Kingdom.

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