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She hikes up her skirt and spreads her knees apart to make space between her legs so her hand can work her clit while she continues to drive.Kim has never tried masturbating while driving before, but it is making her feel exhilaration and her mouth opens to allow gasps of pleasure to escape her lungs.Kim (27) finished work and made her way home to pack a few things so she could go visit her parents.She hadn’t seen her parents for some time, so she was looking forward to seeing them and the house she grew up in again.Sue pulls him by the collar and apologizes and Duke reverts back to his loving self, paying attention to Sue again.As expected, Kim and her parents chat for hours, have dinner and go to bed very late.The trip will still last at least another hour and when she gets there she won’t be able to deal with her need as she will have to first greet and chat with her parents before she will be alone.Kim decides to take matters into her hands right away and very skilfully she removes her panties from beneath her skirt without disrupting the journey.

A Mona Lisa smile appears on her face as she recalls her encounters with her old boyfriends from her home town.Kim is happy to be home again and Duke got used to her making Kim fond of him in the process.As she lay in her bed, drifting off to sleep, she reminisced once more and was glad she took care of her need before arriving and then she falls asleep.Kim wakes up the following day to the wonderful smell of a cooked breakfast as it fills the house, beckoning her to come down stairs.She enjoys all her favourites for breakfast that Sue went out of her way to prepare and helps clean up when everyone is done eating.

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